7 common mistakes every bride should avoid


The wedding day is a beautiful memorable day in the life of every bride, ladies keep talking about their wedding before and even after the wedding. Now, because we are excited about the d-day, we tend only plan about what to wear, how to look and others, forgetting the necessary things like the guests and the family who will grace the occasion and on that day, we fidget towards what we would have planned for.

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Your wedding won’t make it without your families and friends: include them in your plan and you plan towards d-day.

Here are some common mistakes ladies do while preparing for their wedding

  1. Provide transportation for your friends and families – If you have families and friends coming from far places, reach an agreement with them, such as “please pay for coming while I see to your going back or vice versa” If possible, see to their going and coming. That will show them you care. Include them in the plan, because they left every other thing to come rejoice with you, especially your bridal train. Consider having a shuttle or a trolley to help transport your wedding guests or make sure drivers who have any extra seats are willing to carpool.
  2. Communicate with all your bridal train – Yes, communication is needed here. Ask them the color they would love to wear before choosing your color. They are actually buying those clothes with their money unless otherwise, so they should love to spend money on what they will wear later not abandons it. Don’t dictate to them, if in any case, you chose a particular color, give them the reason why you did in a calm voice. Don’t choose any style of cloth for them or tell them the kind of shoes you want, just say “gold shoes will go with the blue gown, don’t you think? There is some bridal train that will come from the husband’s side we don’t know or aren’t friends with, still, include them in the plan. Create a chat group to communicate before the day and see them smiling all through your wedding day.
  3. Get some help – Allow someone to dress you or tie the lace of your shoes. Don’t try to go hide and do everything yourself all because you want to surprise us. Call one or two of your bridal train, tell them to help you straighten your gown.

Your mother can as well help here if your bridal trains are busy trying to look good too. Just get help else you might be wearing a torn cloth without knowing.

  1. Test your shoes and expand it a little – Brides will always leave their shoes untouched because they wouldn’t want any stain on the sparkling Italian shoes. Wrong baby! When you received the shoes you ordered, wear it, expand it and walk on it so you won’t have sore feet after your wedding day. Will you wear these shoes all through the ceremony right? So make it fitting and loose.
  2. Don’t forget to feed the vendors – The photographer, band and wedding planner will all expect a plate of food at some point in the night, so be sure to get the correct headcount for your caterer. Get someone to be on the look for them, they will surely be busy to demand a plate, so don’t forget to feed them.

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  1. Cut your coat to your size – Don’t go bragging about your wedding if you know it’s a low key wedding. When you brag, you have already put all your guests on the high side. They are all then coming to see the “huge cake” she did. “The long gown” she will wear. So don’t brag even when it’s going to be expensive, rather surprise them all.

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  1. Don’t fidget, get everything ready – Photographer Katelyn James said, “After eight years of photographing weddings, here is one common mistake I see: Brides assume they will be able to get a lot done on the day of the wedding. I will show up at the beginning of the day and the bride is stressed and running behind with hair and makeup because she is trying to do tasks that should have been done weeks ago”.  Brides have to prepare everything beforehand. If the day before your wedding day is your bridal shower, you will make use of your makeup kits, when you are done using them, pack them carefully where you will see them tomorrow. Get everything done and ready.

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Finding a One Stop Shop Wedding Company

Planning and coordinating a wedding is not to be underestimated. It’s enough to give even the most organized person ulcers and sleepless nights. Before the bride puts on her white dress and the couple says “I do” there’s a beehive of activity that precedes the event. If you lead a busy life or lack nerves of steel, make it easy on yourself and contact 1stopweddingshop. Our company specializes in organizing weddings and sees to it that the whole thing goes off without a hitch.

When involving 1stopweddingshop, a representative will sit down with you to help you plan your dream wedding. Whether you want an intimate gathering of family and friends or a lavish event with hundreds of guests, we’ve done it all before.

Instead of you calling or emailing wedding event suppliers, we negotiate and liaise with suppliers that provide nothing but the best. Whether it’s tables and chair, flowers or wedding cars, your wish is our command.

Where it comes to outfits for the day, we can help with that too. Some brides know exactly the type of wedding dress they want, others don’t have a clue what will look good on them and what not. Family and friends often have good intentions, but they may lack time to devote themselves to the project. In many cases, an outside opinion is more honest and appreciated. So, whether you want advice on a hairstyle, makeup or a dress, we can advise you on current trends.

If you’re on a budget, we understand that too. It’s easy to have a lavish wedding when money is not an issue, it’s quite a different story when a family has to count the pennies. That’s where our magic comes in. While our consultants don’t have an enchanted wand, they do have years of experience, a wonderful imagination and a true desire to make your wedding the most memorable day of your life. They will listen, they will pitch ideas and most importantly, your special day won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

While the planning is in progress, our consultants will keep you updated. If you have questions, concerns or ideas, you’ll be able to stay in contact with them. By the same token, before finalizing an arrangement, they will contact you for your approval.

Most importantly, our consultants will be with you on the big day. The bride or the mother of the bride often worry that something might go wrong or something unexpected might happen. With our consultants on hand, you’ll have nothing to worry about. They work with lists and on the morning of the wedding they will check and double check that everything has been taken care of. As the wedding gets underway they will see to the guests, the caterers, the waiters and anything else that needs attention.

So if you’re planning to get married but you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or even jittery about planning your wedding arrangements, call 1stopweddingshop. We’re here to help and our service is outstanding.

What to Look For in a Wedding Dress

Vintage wedding dresses have become increasingly popular in the last few years. The one reason they are so popular is that it helps a bride make a unique yet beautiful style statement. In some instances these dresses are also practical because a bride can potentially pickup her grandmother’s dress and wear it without looking odd yet saving money. However, if you will buy a vintage dress there are always a few things you should know.

Start with knowing the dress era
Now, this is an excellent place to start unless you already know which era dress will suit you the best. For instance, women seeking a sleek and rather pompous look may wish to choose a dress from 40s, those wanting a more relaxed look will find the 50s sleeveless styles more their thing. Do some research online to find dresses that you like. Google’s picture search is an excellent place to start. When you have narrowed down the era you want then only go searching for a dress that fits you.

Beautiful dresses
If it’s a budget wedding
Vintage dresses can be expensive if you shop at a designer store. That said vintage wedding dresses are available both online and offline ranging from charity shops to auction sites. When buying from charity shops or online auctions always ensure that you ask the seller if the dress is in a wearable condition, what material it’s made of and if it will require repairs. Ideally, it is additionally vital to find a dress that doesn’t require repairs because these can be pretty expensive.

A few inherent problems with vintage dresses

If you’re shopping around for a vintage wedding dress you need to keep yourself updated of the truth that these cannot be altered. Also, buying embellished fabrics means that these are more expensive if alternation is required rather than plain fabrics. At times crystals and beads will have to be removed prior to any changes being possible. At times vintage materials have flaws like stains, tears and holes which is often hard to properly tell without looking at the problem closely. That said at times these flaws and tears are part of history which for some is the main dress’s appeal.

The problem of Knockoffs

When buying a vintage dress you need to keep yourself updated of the truth that there are knockoffs being sold both online and offline. To spot a knock off you will need to look very hard at the lining and the fabric. It’s also possible to want to check the labels to see if they original. Old labels are not just sewn into a dress. Be sure that you ask questions pertaining to the dress because a true vintage dress seller will be very passionate about what they sell and will be glad to answer questions.

Looking after the dress after your wedding

You should buy good damp proof and thick mothproof bag to store the dress. First get it properly dry cleaned right after you wear it because if it has been stained the longer it sits there the more difficult it is to remove.

Tips for Finding a Beautiful Wedding Dress

Are you looking to find a beautiful wedding dress? In this article, you will soon discover some amazing ways to obtain the most beautiful wedding dresses! Don’t buy a wedding dress, until you read this! For many people getting married, the process of purchasing a wedding dress begins with going to a local wedding store. However, there are actually some things that you certainly can do to make big savings, in addition, to find the most beautiful dresses.

Beautiful wedding dress

Some people will actually go through to several stores, however, this process is one that actually doesn’t always get you the best. The local stores have a limited amount of space, and getting the most beautiful wedding dress may need a better store. Some places are actually amazing and can make all the difference. They can have a huge range of dresses, and finding the most beautiful wedding dresses is not that hard. However, there are several things as you are able to do.

Take a peek and you’ll find some amazing options.

Wedding Magazines
Wedding magazines, for example, are a great source for finding stores with a good range of products. Sometimes they will have reviews of dresses, and this can enable you to obtain the most beautiful wedding dresses. However, there are several other resources to consider, so that you’ll find the best. And wouldn’t you like to save in the act? One option is to purchase your beautiful wedding dress through mail order. Going back to the wedding magazine, you can often find the advertisements that have offers to purchase through mail order.

Other Options
There are several other options, and it can make all the difference.

For example, going onto the internet! There are lots of wedding stores online, and they can make all the difference. There are lots of options, and with this many options, you’ll find what you need.

Another beautiful wedding dress

The first step is research, but investing several hours through this method may result in some amazing findings. There are several things to remember though, and that is to ensure that you find exactly things you need! You see, when you visit a local store, you will see the item, but going online to buy makes, ensuring that you have the right item, to be of vital importance.

A good key is to go through the returns policy.

This enables you to return the dress if you have any problems with the purchase or quality.

However, if you research effectively, the internet could be a great resource to find a very good dress. In addition to finding the most beautiful wedding dresses, you can even save lots of money. There are lots of ways to save online. Researching several stores is a good way to find not really a good selection of beautiful wedding dresses, but also to manage to make big savings!

Great Accessories for Your Wedding Tuxedo

The summer is typically the height of the wedding season, but making sure you have the right kind of go-to wedding suit or tuxedo any season can save you some stress down the road. In the extreme seasons like winter or summer, trying to accessorise yourself can be tricky, because you don’t want to freeze or get heatstroke.

For the wedding day, plenty of focus is on the bride and the way she looks. But it’s a big day for the groom as well. He’ll have eyes on him and he will be featured in the wedding pictures too, so may wish to look and feel his best. In addition to being well groomed, there are accessories to help him look his best to guests, to his beautiful bride, in the wedding portraits, and there are great accessories he’ll want for comfort along with to inject his personal style into the day.

The suit or tux looks great but here are a few accessories to go with it:

Cuff Links
Cufflinks enhance the look of a suit or tux. And they can make a statement along with hold your sleeves closed. Not only could you wear family heirloom cufflinks (such as those belonging to Dad, Grand Dad, or another family relative or new in-law) but you might like to wear cuff links that illustrate your personalities, such as classy-looking cuff links that demonstrate your love for a sport or another hobby.

Buttons or studs in the place of buttons are another way to dress up and customise a suit or a tuxedo and can enhance the theme of the day and illustrate the groom’s style and/or personality.

When you have piercings or wear rings or bracelets, nice jewellery can add to your image on the day. Some suggest understated, rather than over accessorised, though, so be careful you don’t overdo it.

It is additionally vital to get to the church on time, won’t you? But your look can be added to with a nice and stylish watch. Maybe you’ve got a family heirloom to wear that will add some sentimentality to your attire.

Wedding Gift Tip for Brides
Buying a nice watch and/or cuff links for your groom on the wedding day is a good gift that could become a family heirloom to be worn by your own children on their wedding day.

Accessories for Comfort and Looking Good
Beyond looking put together on your wedding day for your wedding photographs, there are several great accessories that can help a groom in other ways on the wedding day.

Shoe Inserts
Gel shoe inserts can make standing on your feet all day less painful.

Some tuxes or suits come equipped with the handkerchief but if not, you’ll want one to assist you, particularly if you’re having a summer wedding which will leave you sweaty. Handkerchiefs are also made of handy for those emotional times at a wedding for you and your bride.

Finding unique types of Chinese wedding dresses

One will see that the original Asian wedding gown is really a small distinctive from the normal National dress. It’s typically a lot more ornamental, and a lot more perform is put in it. The sort of gown that’s used normally has anything regarding the area that the household is from. Those people who are in the north might use the Qi Pao, and those people who are from the south have on the Cheongsam.

Chinese dress for a wedding

The different kinds of dresses
There are numerous different instances from within China which are revealed in the types of gown that could be Mongolian, Tibetian, as well as Taiwanese. There are numerous different teams as properly which we won’t have time and energy to get into.

The dress’s shade can also be important. Frequently, girls use red since this signifies happiness. Usually, brides don’t use bright colours, since bright colours are used to symbolises death in China. Nevertheless, recently, Asian brides have started to accept American traditions, and are getting married in lighter shades.

A person finding committed in a normal Asian wedding is probably planning to use dull or black. These shades are suited to a person, but on a bride might represent grief.

They might likewise have apparel shaded unique with their place, similar to American wedding ceremonies. They often don’t use red colours and as an alternative, they use shades that people in the West associate with grieving. That does not suggest any such thing poor; it’s only just how it is.

Many Asian wedding clothes may also be padded with fantastic accessories, and it is very important to see that not merely every target may use fantastic fabric. Because of this, it could be essential to contact a very competent towel employee, and because of this, it could just be the rich Asian who use any kind of silver embroidery on the wedding dresses.

Embroidered dresses

A little history
The current Asian wedding gown convention is considered from the old Qing Empire, the final empire to principle in China. That Empire ruled from 1644 to 1912 and was recognised by the Manchu Family, however available in northeast China today.

It is totally wonderful to appear right back at days gone by and see things that effect who we’ve become. This really is obviously correct for each and every tradition, and not merely China.  Bright colours are common with all Asian Weddings and when it comes to the Photography, the results speak for themselves.

Every tradition has its traditions and previous, and if you appear strongly at your personal tradition, you could find that it’s maybe not very much unique of it had been only a couple of hundred decades ago.

There will be a lot more to the, and to be able to discover every bit of info on the original Asian wedding gown, you must search back time and do plenty of reading. There’s an exciting history behind everything that’s only waiting to be discovered!

Amazing church wedding decorations

Have you been considering church decorations for the wedding? In this information, we are getting to share with you how to make a lovely wedding atmosphere.

Church decoration for a wedding

In regards to church decorations for wedding, you’ll need to be sure that you spend shut interest and don’t keep such a thing out. In the event that you overlook anything, you could actually be angry as soon as your major time comes nonetheless it is likely to be also late then. Let us today continue to share with you how to make a lovely wedding atmosphere.

Church accessories for wedding contain many points but we’re only planning to share with you several important points:

Flowers for The Ceremony
Regardless of what your location is finding committed, you must have ceremony flowers. There are lots of various designs that you could consider. You would like to have an easy big flowered exhibit on each part of the ceremony, probably you select that you would like anything that’s minimal and that moves across the leading of the altar. If you’ll need a minimal essential wedding this can be enough for you.

In the event that you genuinely wish to punk points up, you can certainly do that with the plants for the altar. You might find somebody that furnishes you with a huge selection of plants to hang around or even you’d need to hold strings of plants behind the ceremony area. You might actually contemplate establishing potted woods on each part of the ceremony area. You might contemplate holding lights on these woods if this is actually the way that you choose to go.

Pew Designs
In regards to church accessories for wedding, the you’ll want pew decorations. All the time persons may set bright bows by the end of the pews or even a apply of plants with a large bend in the middle of them. This is really adequate if you should be performing a old-fashioned wedding. You might contemplate holding anything such as for example vases or lamps on the conclusion of the pews, you need to use a shepherd’s hook.

Aisle Accents
Aisle Accents are incredibly essential for your lovely wedding atmosphere. Virtually every bride posseses an fence athlete, that athlete is normally bright but others actually then add color. Some individuals set a monogram on the runner. You may make fence athletes out of various things based on that which you like.

It’s essential that you watch out for parts to place your candles. There is always a large amount of other ways that you need to use them. Many old-fashioned marriages could have large candelabras on each side of the ceremony region and then could be illuminated to exhibit timeless love. It’s also possible to wish to point the lanes with candles but be sure you are cautious or you could collection down a fire.

Candles for a wedding

There are lots of various some ideas to consider as it pertains to church accessories for the wedding. In this information we’ve discussed how to make a lovely wedding environment and today do you know what to do..