7 common mistakes every bride should avoid
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7 common mistakes every bride should avoid

The wedding day is a beautiful memorable day in the life of every bride, ladies keep talking about their wedding before and even after the wedding. Now, because we are excited about the d-day, we tend only plan about what to wear, how to look and others, forgetting the necessary things like the guests and the family who will grace the occasion and on that day, we fidget towards what we would have planned for.

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Your wedding won’t make it without your families and friends: include them in your plan and you plan towards d-day.

Here are some common mistakes ladies do while preparing for their wedding

  1. Provide transportation for your friends and families – If you have families and friends coming from far places, reach an agreement with them, such as “please pay for coming while I see to your going back or vice versa” If possible, see to their going and coming. That will show them you care. Include them in the plan, because they left every other thing to come rejoice with you, especially your bridal train. Consider having a shuttle or a trolley to help transport your wedding guests or make sure drivers who have any extra seats are willing to carpool.
  2. Communicate with all your bridal train – Yes, communication is needed here. Ask them the color they would love to wear before choosing your color. They are actually buying those clothes with their money unless otherwise, so they should love to spend money on what they will wear later not abandons it. Don’t dictate to them, if in any case, you chose a particular color, give them the reason why you did in a calm voice. Don’t choose any style of cloth for them or tell them the kind of shoes you want, just say “gold shoes will go with the blue gown, don’t you think? There is some bridal train that will come from the husband’s side we don’t know or aren’t friends with, still, include them in the plan. Create a chat group to communicate before the day and see them smiling all through your wedding day.
  3. Get some help – Allow someone to dress you or tie the lace of your shoes. Don’t try to go hide and do everything yourself all because you want to surprise us. Call one or two of your bridal train, tell them to help you straighten your gown.

Your mother can as well help here if your bridal trains are busy trying to look good too. Just get help else you might be wearing a torn cloth without knowing.

  1. Test your shoes and expand it a little – Brides will always leave their shoes untouched because they wouldn’t want any stain on the sparkling Italian shoes. Wrong baby! When you received the shoes you ordered, wear it, expand it and walk on it so you won’t have sore feet after your wedding day. Will you wear these shoes all through the ceremony right? So make it fitting and loose.
  2. Don’t forget to feed the vendors – The photographer, band and wedding planner will all expect a plate of food at some point in the night, so be sure to get the correct headcount for your caterer. Get someone to be on the look for them, they will surely be busy to demand a plate, so don’t forget to feed them.

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  1. Cut your coat to your size – Don’t go bragging about your wedding if you know it’s a low key wedding. When you brag, you have already put all your guests on the high side. They are all then coming to see the “huge cake” she did. “The long gown” she will wear. So don’t brag even when it’s going to be expensive, rather surprise them all.

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  1. Don’t fidget, get everything ready – Photographer Katelyn James said, “After eight years of photographing weddings, here is one common mistake I see: Brides assume they will be able to get a lot done on the day of the wedding. I will show up at the beginning of the day and the bride is stressed and running behind with hair and makeup because she is trying to do tasks that should have been done weeks ago”.  Brides have to prepare everything beforehand. If the day before your wedding day is your bridal shower, you will make use of your makeup kits, when you are done using them, pack them carefully where you will see them tomorrow. Get everything done and ready.

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