Great Accessories for Your Wedding Tuxedo

Great Accessories for Your Wedding Tuxedo

The summer is typically the height of the wedding season, but making sure you have the right kind of go-to wedding suit or tuxedo any season can save you some stress down the road. In the extreme seasons like winter or summer, trying to accessorise yourself can be tricky, because you don’t want to freeze or get heatstroke.

For the wedding day, plenty of focus is on the bride and the way she looks. But it’s a big day for the groom as well. He’ll have eyes on him and he will be featured in the wedding pictures too, so may wish to look and feel his best. In addition to being well groomed, there are accessories to help him look his best to guests, to his beautiful bride, in the wedding portraits, and there are great accessories he’ll want for comfort along with to inject his personal style into the day.

The suit or tux looks great but here are a few accessories to go with it:

Cuff Links
Cufflinks enhance the look of a suit or tux. And they can make a statement along with hold your sleeves closed. Not only could you wear family heirloom cufflinks (such as those belonging to Dad, Grand Dad, or another family relative or new in-law) but you might like to wear cuff links that illustrate your personalities, such as classy-looking cuff links that demonstrate your love for a sport or another hobby.

Buttons or studs in the place of buttons are another way to dress up and customise a suit or a tuxedo and can enhance the theme of the day and illustrate the groom’s style and/or personality.

When you have piercings or wear rings or bracelets, nice jewellery can add to your image on the day. Some suggest understated, rather than over accessorised, though, so be careful you don’t overdo it.

It is additionally vital to get to the church on time, won’t you? But your look can be added to with a nice and stylish watch. Maybe you’ve got a family heirloom to wear that will add some sentimentality to your attire.

Wedding Gift Tip for Brides
Buying a nice watch and/or cuff links for your groom on the wedding day is a good gift that could become a family heirloom to be worn by your own children on their wedding day.

Accessories for Comfort and Looking Good
Beyond looking put together on your wedding day for your wedding photographs, there are several great accessories that can help a groom in other ways on the wedding day.

Shoe Inserts
Gel shoe inserts can make standing on your feet all day less painful.

Some tuxes or suits come equipped with the handkerchief but if not, you’ll want one to assist you, particularly if you’re having a summer wedding which will leave you sweaty. Handkerchiefs are also made of handy for those emotional times at a wedding for you and your bride.

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