What to Look For in a Wedding Dress

What to Look For in a Wedding Dress

Vintage wedding dresses have become increasingly popular in the last few years. The one reason they are so popular is that it helps a bride make a unique yet beautiful style statement. In some instances these dresses are also practical because a bride can potentially pickup her grandmother’s dress and wear it without looking odd yet saving money. However, if you will buy a vintage dress there are always a few things you should know.

Start with knowing the dress era
Now, this is an excellent place to start unless you already know which era dress will suit you the best. For instance, women seeking a sleek and rather pompous look may wish to choose a dress from 40s, those wanting a more relaxed look will find the 50s sleeveless styles more their thing. Do some research online to find dresses that you like. Google’s picture search is an excellent place to start. When you have narrowed down the era you want then only go searching for a dress that fits you.

Beautiful dresses
If it’s a budget wedding
Vintage dresses can be expensive if you shop at a designer store. That said vintage wedding dresses are available both online and offline ranging from charity shops to auction sites. When buying from charity shops or online auctions always ensure that you ask the seller if the dress is in a wearable condition, what material it’s made of and if it will require repairs. Ideally, it is additionally vital to find a dress that doesn’t require repairs because these can be pretty expensive.

A few inherent problems with vintage dresses

If you’re shopping around for a vintage wedding dress you need to keep yourself updated of the truth that these cannot be altered. Also, buying embellished fabrics means that these are more expensive if alternation is required rather than plain fabrics. At times crystals and beads will have to be removed prior to any changes being possible. At times vintage materials have flaws like stains, tears and holes which is often hard to properly tell without looking at the problem closely. That said at times these flaws and tears are part of history which for some is the main dress’s appeal.

The problem of Knockoffs

When buying a vintage dress you need to keep yourself updated of the truth that there are knockoffs being sold both online and offline. To spot a knock off you will need to look very hard at the lining and the fabric. It’s also possible to want to check the labels to see if they original. Old labels are not just sewn into a dress. Be sure that you ask questions pertaining to the dress because a true vintage dress seller will be very passionate about what they sell and will be glad to answer questions.

Looking after the dress after your wedding

You should buy good damp proof and thick mothproof bag to store the dress. First get it properly dry cleaned right after you wear it because if it has been stained the longer it sits there the more difficult it is to remove.

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